Meet the chef!

My name is Fabrizio Cesari, born in 1985, and I’m a real food-lover.2260b-1936293_1130812163163_7664440_n
The passion for food started a few years ago when my girlfriend and I started living together in our own apartment.
I started experimenting with old recipes from my Italian grandmother who died in 2007. After a while I started inviting some friends and family members to try my own dishes and enjoy a great evening together.
At first it was mostly simple pasta dishes with my grandmothers sauce (with some changes to the recipe). But after some experimenting, I began to learn more and more techniques and tried several recipes from the internet and old cooking books. So I began making my own dishes by editing some existing recipes.

I’m most interested in the recipes from my grandparents region in Italy, Le Marche. Why this region? Well… I spent every summer holiday when I was a kid in a city called Senigallia for at least 4 weeks (mostly in July). It was like a home away from home. We (my sister and I) had a lot of friends and some relatives. We went out eating a lot and learned new flavors. The summers were always awesome.

Now my girlfriend and I have our own house and a great kitchen to do our own cooking. We invite a lot of friends and relatives to eat and enjoy good company and a nice glass of wine (mostly Italian). The picture on the left is an old picture where some friends and I are enjoying a good plate of gnocchi in my grandmothers kitchen.

I hope you’ll enjoy the several recipes I’m going to post here. Feel free to try and comment them!