Lazy comfort food: tortellini with peas and cream

One of my favorite recipes for when I’m lazy in the kitchen is “Tortellini with peas and cream”. It’s really easy to make and gives you comfort. When I was a kid I didn’t like it because I wasn’t a fan of cream in my pasta. I’ve come to appreciate it and now and then I can enjoy a nice plate of tortellini with cream.

You have all sorts of tortellini, with prosciutto, porcini, cheese, … The one I mostly buy (yes I buy them, because you have really good ones that you can buy) is with prosciutto or porcini. The one we use for this recipe is the tortellini with prosciutto.

The ingredients are really simple:panna_large

  • tortellini
  • peas (I use frozen peas)
  • cream
  • salt & pepper

We start by bringing some water to a boil for the tortellini. You can also use brodo for that. Once they’re cooked, you take a pan, heat it up, add your cream, add the tortellini and the peas. Now you just have to wait until your peas are done and season with salt and pepper.



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