Make your own Limoncello!

Everybody loves a shot of limoncello! But how cool would it be to show off to your friends with a homemade batch of limoncello? It’s not that difficult to make, but it takes some patience. You need to do it in two steps.

For the first step you’ll need the following:limoncello001

  • 10 big bio lemons
  • 1 liter of pure alcohol (95-96%)
  • a big pot (at least 2 liters) that you can seal off, i use this

You start with washing your lemons and then use a peeler to remove the skin of the lemon. Make sure you don’t have to much of the white stuff. This will alter the taste of the limoncello. The more you have of that white stuff, the more bitter it comes out.

Once you’ve peeled of the skin, you put it in your big pot. Make sure that it can fit at least 2 liters of liquid. Now you add your pure alcohol (all of it). Seal off the pot and leave it for at least 1 month in a dark and cool place. The longer you leave it, the more flavor you’ll have in your alcohol. If you really want the most out of it, wait until your lemons turn white.

limoncello02Now that your alcohol has absorbed all the flavors from your lemons, you can start the filtering process. For filtering I use coffee filters. This will make your alcohol very clear, no bits and pieces in it. Once you’ve filtered all of the alcohol, its time to make your sugar water.

The recipe is very simple, depending on how sweet you want your limoncello to be. For 1 liter of alcohol I use 1,5 liters of water with 600 grams of sugar (I don’t like my limoncello too sweet, but feel fee to add more). Put your water in a cooking pot and add the sugar. Heat the pot and leave it until all of your sugar is dissolved. Now let it to cool down so you can add it to your alcohol.

When cooled down you take 3 bottles of 1 liter (or 6 of 0.5 liters) and distribute the alcohol evenly among the 3 bottles. Now add the sugar water to the 3 bottles and you should have 3 bottles with 1 liter of limoncello. Close off the bottles and let them rest for a week in a dark and cool place. After 1 week you can put them in your freezer.

You can drink your limoncello pure or make a cocktail with it.

Cocktail recipe:

  • 10cl limoncello
  • 10cl mediteranean tonic
  • a few leaves of mint and basil
  • some ice



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