Gnocchi con sugo di salsiccia

A real Italian classic is “gnocchi”. It’s also one of my favorite things to eat. It requires some work but it’s all worth it… But first you need to make a good sauce to accompany your gnocchi. Since you already have some work with making the gnocchi, it’s best you keep your sauce simple. Therefor i suggest a simple sauce with sausage and passata from cherry tomatoes.

Raw sausages  with herbs and spices, wood background

So what do you need for making the sauce:

  • 1kg italian sausages
  • 4 cans passata cherry tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • dried peperoncino
  • olive oil
  • glas of red wine

To start take a big pot and put it on high fire. Poor in the olive oil, garlic and some dried peperoncino. Remove the skin from the sausage so you only have the meat. Put in your meat once the olive oil is hot and the garlic is glazy. Stir the meat and add the onions. Once the onions are glazy and your meat is brown, it’s time to put in the wine. Leave it to simmer for a few minutes until the alcohol is evaporated. Now you add the 4 cans of passata and bring it all to a boil. Once your sauce is boiling you bring down the heat to a minimum. Leave it all for at least 2,5 hours and season with salt and pepper.

I’ll make a separate post on how to make gnocchi. Click here to see the post.

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