Fattoria La Vialla: Il Birborosso

logo-fattoria-la-viallaA few years ago I was looking for good quality wine and came across a website. I subscribed and a few days later the catalog arrived. It came in a small box with a little present in it. The catalog was made out of recycled paper and the present was a branch of one of their olive trees. It was a nice surprise but didn’t really had a place to plant it. The “fattoria” has a really nice concept. They’re a CO2 neutral company, create bio products and work with recycled materials.

Once I started looking in their catalog, I noticed that they have a lot of wines (red, white and sparkling). But also some pasta, olive oil, sauces and cookies. All made by them with materials they produce themselves. I couldn’t decide so I ordered a pack with 7 of their red wines (they’ve more than 7 red wines but the rest was sold out).

I wanted to talk about one wine in particular (the others I’ll discuss in an other post), Il Birborosso, it means “Bad boy”. This was a special wine, not because it was expensive (€ 6,00 per bottle of 750 ml), but because you need to drink it like most white wines, cool (10°C). The wine also doesn’t have any special appellation (DOCG, DOC or IGT), but it’s just a simple “vino da tavola” (table wine).

The wine is made from 3 types of grapes, Sangiovese (60%), Montepulciano (30%) and Malvasia nera (10%). It has a alcohol percentage of 11,5% and is not filtered. As the percentage is rather low for a red wine, it makes a perfect wine for a hot summer eve.


Il Birborosso has a really special taste, smell and color. When you look at your glass you’ll see an intense violet color. Then when breathing the wine you’ll notice an intense flavor of morello and raspberries, a touch of strawberries and a floral display of violets is very obvious. In the mouth the taste is fragrant, tangy and lively, soft as a white or rosé wine.

I would recommend this wine when having a barbecue or a nice plate of pasta with red sauce and meat. Even spaghetti vongole would go nice with this wine.


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