Pizza at Da gli Sticchilini

So my sister and brother-in-law opened a pizzeria in a small town called As (Belgium).oven

It’s a cosy restaurant with a big oven that runs on gas and wood. This adds extra flavor to the pizza.

My sister currently runs the kitchen where you can order several types of pasta, while my brother-in-law makes the pizza’s.

Their menu consists of both traditional dishes and some innovative own creations. Everything is prepared with the same dedication and with the utmost care. They also use the best ingredients for their dishes. The Italian regional products are fresh. For example: The burrata or the buffalomozzerella was still maturing the day before at the local cheese farmer. Also their wine, olive oil and charcuterie come from a farmer in Italy.

We try to go at least once a month and try different pizza’s. My personal favorite is the Peperoncino pizza. It’s made with paprika’s, mushrooms, spicy peppers and ham. The spiciness really makes a difference.

What makes this pizza so special? The real authentic dough as they make it in Italy, the pure ingredients and a place where you feel at home.

Please take a look at their website


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